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Proveta Nutrition Ltd. is HACCP certified, operates free of “prohibited materials”, and is capable of producing a range of multi-species animal feed at a capacity of 70,000 tonnes per annum.Proveta nutrition takes great pride in the feed we manufacture and we attribute this success to our 100+ combined years of employee experience in the feed manufacturing industry.

All of our incoming feed ingredients must pass a series of rigid inspections prior to being accepted for use in feed manufacturing.

Proveta Nutrion Ltd. – Advantages:

The availability of a large and dependable supply of grain is an essential element for the success of a feed mill. The mill at Bruno is located in a region of the province that produces a surplus of feed grains. It is also located close to several large cereal processing plants that produce feed by-products that can be utilized in feed rations at a low cost.

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Ruminant Nutrition

The Proveta production team use specific and selected feed resources which specific the relative roles and nutrient needs of ruminants.

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Poultry (Monogastrics)

Proveta Nutrition has an experienced poultry consultant on staff ready to assist with all feed ordering and possible troubleshooting of any issues that may arise throughout flocks.

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Proveta Nutrition Worldwide
  • Globally branded specialty products
  • Leading local positions
  • Portfolio of products, models and services
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