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Ruminant (Dairy and Beef Nutrition)

The Proveta production team uses specific and selected feed resources which specifies the relative roles and nutrient needs of ruminants. We support Nutritional wisdom and select diets high in digestible organic matter, Protein, Energy, fiber followed by vitamins, premixes and minerals to balance entire feed for Dairy and Beef Nutrition . We evaluate the characteristics of feeds and relate to energy intake, efficiency of microbial protein production in the rumen, and milk production. Proveta is being very innovative and also producing specialty feed for goats, sheep, horses, deer and elk. Our goal is to maximize efficiency of nutrient utilization by ruminant animals with an emphasis on nitrogen contents while formulating diets to maintain animal health.

Poultry (Monogastrics)

Proveta nutrition has an experienced poultry consultant on staff ready to assist with all feed ordering and possible troubleshooting of any issues that may arise throughout flocks. Our staff works very closely with all of our clients. From flock beginning to end, you can count on us for a rewarding growing experience.


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