Saskatchewan’s Manufacturer of Essential Animal Feed
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Contract Manufacturing

Proveta has capabilities to produce multiple species animal feed. Already working with industry leaders to manufacture their products to the highest quality and satisfaction.
“We want our customers to know…”
All of our incoming feed ingredients must pass a series of rigid inspections prior to being accepted for use in feed manufacturing.

We offer customized service

Feed safety is a priority to each and every one of our employees. We have an excellent HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) program in place, which means monitoring carefully and recording each step in the production process. Our feed mill operates “free” of prohibited materials.

For the poultry producer, we offer individual personalized diets for each farm. At Proveta, our feed is not mass-produced but is manufactured in one-load batches and delivered solely to the farm that it was manufactured for. This customized service allows Proveta nutrition the flexibility to change diets as required throughout entire cycles. Our quality feed offers drier litter, less ammonia in the barn resulting in a better quality bird.